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Winter Holidays and a Petition for Change

Hey StarFam, I'm back!
I had to step it up a notch to make up for lost time with the yule goat hunt. I'm going to attempt to put together a little guide on how to find the yule goat spawn points, but I'd like to share this petition with you first. 

Most of us who have been playing Star Stable for awhile know by now how bad chat can get. We get bullies and trolls, people who harass or spam chat nonstop. Because there is no in-game report function and no chat moderators, there is very little chance that people will actually report people enough for SSO to take action against them. Sometimes people spell out bad words by writing one letter a line, hitting enter, then writing the next letter, and so on, until the word is spelled. It should be harder to do this because there should be a timed block on chat to prevent people from spamming (for example, after sending three messages in global within 30 seconds, you have to wait 15 seconds before sending your next message, that way one player cannot dominate chat and spell out bad words this easily). 

One way to fix SSO's chat situation is to have in-game chat moderators. This is probably less than preferable for the game's developers because they will probably have to pay them a salary, which will come out of their profits. 
Another way to do this is to empower us to report other players by making it drastically easier to submit reports in-game. Currently, you have to take a screenshot, alt-tab out, open, select help, and choose 'contact us', then fill out a form and attach the screenshot, just for Star Stable to have that information to review it and take action. This is incredibly difficult and takes a lot of time, so instead, most players will simply choose to ignore a troll/bully. When they ignore them, they can no longer read what they are writing, which solves the problem only partially: it fixes it for them, but not for everyone else who is suffering from that same troll. 
Adding a report feature in-game would be far easier and cheaper than adding chat moderators. Currently, when you left-click on a player in chat, there is a small drop-down menu that gives you a few different options. Adding report to that would be easy and could automatically attach a timestamp of the message along with the line of chat from the player. This would make things so much easier and as a result, more people would be reported and banned for their bad behavior. Because the timestamp and chat message would be attached to the report, there should be no fear of false reports, because as soon as they're reviewed, it should be obvious whether or not someone broke the terms of service and did something against the rules. 

I've created an online petition to Star Stable to empower players to send a message to Star Stable: we deserve better chat moderation, whether through our built-in community or through their staff.
Please sign the petition by clicking here: (That's a link, it was just automatically shortened by their 'share link' feature.)

Also, Fauncy is gorgeous. Ger her while you can! 

That is all.


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