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Choosing a name for your new horse in Star Stable!!!

To create a name for your new horse in Star Stable Online, choose one name from the first column and one from the second column. You can also choose to leave the second choice blank for a shorter name. If you already own a horse and you're not happy with the name you chose, you can speak to the notary in certain cities: Fort Pinta, Silverglade Village, Jarlaheim, and New Hillcrest. Don't forget to start creating names now in anticipation of the new free 10th birthday player-created horse! I can't wait! This list is up to date as of July 2021.   Prefix (1) Suffix (2) A ace Abyss agate Acacia air Ace amber Agate anchor Air angel Alpha anthem Amber apocalypse
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Updates and Exciting New Things!!!

Yes, yes, yes, I'm terrible at blogging with any sort of consistency, but I'm here now. This week, Star Stable released the new 3rd Generation Arabian horses.  Awesome Arabians. They're suuuper pretty! It looks like they've fixed the broken animations that plagued the 2nd gen ones, too, which is *phew* such a relief! I can't decide between the dapple gray one and the gray/black/white pinto they haven't released yet that I found in a spoiler video. This is the Arabian spoiler video. I've also had my eye on the sapphire blue roan Jorvik Wild Horse for a long time. I bought the ember mantle black but that blue roan is so gorgeous. vs  I already have one Jorvik Wild and I have no new Arabians - and Arabians used to be my favorite horse breed - but I don't know which to choose. Then, I found out about this 10th anniversary special gift they're giving us! We can create a special horse! Granted, it will be based on number of votes, so many people are goin

Who let the donkeys out? (A Star Stable guide to save time!)

Heya StarFam, what’s up? I just finished finding all the mini-donkeys added on Wednesday’s update, thanks in large part to Minatozy’s video (here: ) Because she already made such a great guide, I’d like to offer a different approach. Her video showed the donkeys in the order they’re listed in the journal. I’m going to show you the best route to take to waste the least amount of time. Read first : All listed coordinates are in x, y format. You can view coordinates by opening your in-game map and moving your mouse pointer over different areas of the map. The coordinates are listed above the description in the tooltip above your mouse pointer, in white font. (Some areas will say the name of the area [like The Forgotten Fields] next to the coordinates. Some won’t.) It will also show your current coordinates in the bottom right side of your map. It doesn’t show them on the minimap. If you left-mouse click on an area of the map, it will creat

ALL Holiday Calendar - AKA Christmas Advent - Rewards and Codes for 2019

Some of us are vision-impaired and surely there are also a few of you who simply don't feel like staring at a photo waiting for numbers to visualize, so I'm listing all of the advent codes for you here. Star Stable Christmas 2019 Advent Calendar 12: Quilted Crimson Coat QA3JCQ7CWS 13: Downloadable Coloring Pages/Wishlist 14: Soft Winter Pants 4FB8TS5SYK 15: Silver Statement Bridle DCDSDJEFUU 16: Downloadable Wallpapers 17: Snug Laced Boots X3DCRVFUUX 18: Cozy Quilted Saddle Pad G63HACQ5CG 19: Downloadable Wallpapers 20: Frosty Tail Ribbon CSNKQ3TJY8 21: Sleek Stitched Saddle X6KQQ75WUE 22: Marled Snowflake Gloves E3QRA8RNV8 23: Downloadable Concept Art 24: Soul Riders Wallpapers 25: 300 Star Coins U3UTJETYU5 26: Knitted Pom-Pom Hat ATBGP3JQHY 27: Glittering Star Earrings W4Q7M3JYM3 28: Striking Snug Leg Wraps KQFATANDQT 29: Silver Bow Saddlebag WMGEB3TGW3 30: Frosty Head Ribbon 5HJTKAD6MK 31: Wise Winter Cat!!! VRRKXBNHGS Remember you have to wait one

Winter Holidays and a Petition for Change

Hey StarFam, I'm back! I had to step it up a notch to make up for lost time with the yule goat hunt. I'm going to attempt to put together a little guide on how to find the yule goat spawn points, but I'd like to share this petition with you first.  Most of us who have been playing Star Stable for awhile know by now how bad chat can get. We get bullies and trolls, people who harass or spam chat nonstop. Because there is no in-game report function and no chat moderators, there is very little chance that people will actually report people enough for SSO to take action against them. Sometimes people spell out bad words by writing one letter a line, hitting enter, then writing the next letter, and so on, until the word is spelled. It should be harder to do this because there should be a timed block on chat to prevent people from spamming (for example, after sending three messages in global within 30 seconds, you have to wait 15 seconds before sending your next message, tha

New Andalusian Horses - Sneak Peek - Detailed Video

Have y'all seen the new sneak peeks at the Andalusian horse?  O M G I'm so on-board with this. The Andalusian model did NOT age well. I remember buying several, being in love with them. If I knew then what I know now... I'd have a LOT more star coins! I don't think I would have bought any of the old model horses if I had known they'd improve them. So much money wasted ๐Ÿ˜ข  This video shows the new Andalusian in the colors it will come out with, in action (all animations): (not my video) This image shows several of the new colors and the new braided hairstyles! *SWOON* This๐Ÿ‘dapple๐Ÿ‘is๐Ÿ‘going๐Ÿ‘to๐Ÿ‘ be๐Ÿ‘ mine... when I have money. (found on SSO's insta) They're all sooo pretty! If I wasn't such a sucker for dapple greys, I'd have a really hard time deciding between it, the white (light grey), and the black one. They're absolutely majestic! I wish I had more money ๐Ÿ˜ข If y'all feel like being generous, I'm

New Hair, Who Dis? [OMG MERMAIDS!!! {well, technically sirens and sorceress stuff, but still}]

StarFam... y 'all... this new mermaid stuff is AWESOME!!! Check out my gorgeous hair (shot was slightly altered in-game and with a filter at 50%). {I almost look like a freaking Night Elf from World of Warcraft!} The clothes are amazing. Everything is awesome. I know a lot of people like to complain when game devs add only cosmetics to updates without any new content, but this stuff is ๐Ÿ‘Œ *chef kiss* perfection. However, I was almost sold on the dark sorceress set when I noticed the boots have what appears to be barnacles on them. Barnacles. Gross. Here are the screenshots I've taken of the new siren items so far (captions and screens show the prices - they aren't cheap!). Enjoy! Delphine's Siren Top - 110 sc Delphine's Siren Leggings - 90 sc Delphine's Siren Boots - 55 sc Delphine's siren head fins - 25 sc Meridia's siren head fins - 25 sc Nori's siren head fins - 25 sc Breem's siren head fins